Below please find a few letters of referral.  Should you like to speak with any of my former clients, please contact me and I will be happy to make arrangements on your behalf.


To whom it may concern,

My husband and I highly recommend Charlotte Van Orden and feel very lucky to have had the
opportunity to work with her.

We began working with Charlotte in August 2014 when my husband accepted a job in SF. We
were relocating from the Boston area. She helped us with all aspects of the complicated
process, not only the purchase of our home. For example, Charlotte found us the perfect rental
with a month-to-month lease which allowed us stability and flexibility while we searched for a
home. This was a huge accomplishment given the tight rental market at that time.

When we first met Charlotte, it was immediately clear that she had an incredible breadth and
depth of real estate knowledge. Her track record was impressive and she was far superior to the
other realtors we considered working with. We faced a hyper-competitive market with very little
inventory coupled with a fairly extensive list of specific needs. We were interested in areas of
San Mateo, San Carlos, Belmont, and Redwood Shores. We knew we needed a fantastic
realtor. Charlotte worked with us to quickly create a very targeted approach to our property
search. She had a knack for honing in on neighborhoods and properties which were just the
right fit so we never wasted our time or energy.

Charlotte is incredibly well-connected and is an effective communicator. She has strong
relationships with local realtors which helped us learn about off market opportunities and
properties coming on the market soon. This allowed us time to prepare to submit an offer
immediately if necessary and better understand the perspective of the sellers. During the
disclosure review process, she was able to bring in contractors and inspectors on very short
notice to provide independent reports before we submitted offers. Charlotte was an effective
liaison with our mortgage broker and all the people involved in the closing process. She ensured
everyone met the aggressive deadlines.

Charlotte worked tirelessly and proactively to achieve our goals. She was always 100%
committed and responsive to our needs regardless of how many other clients she was working
with. Her unwavering support and positive attitude helped us stay calm and focused during the
entire process. 

In July 2016, we purchased our lovely home. We plan to stay here a long time but if we decide
to sell, we will call Charlotte. She is truly amazing. Without a doubt, she is one of the very best
in the business! 

Rebecca Bence



February 19, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

I am delighted to recommend Charlotte Van Orden as both a Realtor and friend.

I first met Charlotte over 20 years ago when I joined my daughter, Suzan Miller, in Redwood City for her first “house hunt”.  As a recently retired RE Broker, I wanted to be sure she had an uber competent agent – one day of “house hunting” together reassured me that Suzie was in good and ethical hands with Charlotte.  I should mention that my daughter is a lawyer, careful and with specific taste in all things - including real estate.  Charlotte spent over a year patiently showing Suzie property until the perfect starter house came along  in San Carlos– then rolled up her sleeves and negotiated a good purchase in the midst of an overheated market.

After 8 years – time to “move up”.  This scenario went incredibly well and quickly.  Suzie settled on the “perfect house” - a beautifully restored Spanish from 1935 in Edgewood Park, Redwood City.   Charlotte negotiated a great price and facilitated a trade wherein sellers took Suzie’s existing home as partial payment.

In October of 2016 – after “looking” for at least a year – team Charlotte/Suzie found the Menlo Park home that had always been Suzie’s ultimate goal.  This time around Charlotte outdid herself – and I happened to be a witness to the miracle.  After extensive negotiations – handled of course by Charlotte – the new home was in Escrow but Suzie’s existing home had to be sold – and quickly.  Suzie left to handle a business deal in Europe and I was left to housesit.  Within 5 days Charlotte got the house ready to be marketed – although it was a beautiful home there was much to do in order to showcase it for the market.  Charlotte’s experience and excellent people skills really paid off.  She quite literally knew the right person for every job that needed to be done.  Relationships that she has fostered for years with painters, plumbers, landscapers etc. all paid off – for 4 solid days tradesmen were in and out – many of them telling me how they had known Charlotte forever – she has been bringing them lunch on their various jobs for years and that they always move her to the top of their schedules.  On the 5th day amazing stagers showed up and the house was ready and perfect for the market.  It sold within 2 or 3 days – over list price – for cash – and a 7-day escrow.  The sale set a new price per square foot for the neighborhood. Wouldn’t it be impossible to move so quickly? Not with Charlotte around – she sent in an amazing organizer/packer and secured a date with the best movers.

In the course of these 20 years I have had the opportunity to know Charlotte not only as the consummate professional but also as a valued friend – albeit a distant one since I live in Palm Springs.  She is a kind and worthwhile person – a major supporter of the arts and an accomplished gardener.


Sheila Miller


February 17, 2017

To potential clients of Charlotte Van Orden:

It’s my pleasure to write about my experience with Charlotte Van Orden. She represented my husband and me in the sale of our house in 2016. She had been my husband’s agent when he purchased the house 30 years prior.

Charlotte has extensive knowledge of the area and experience with many types of transactions. Through her contacts she aggressively marketed the house, and I believe that anyone who was in the market knew about the listing and came to the open house.

Many of our neighbors were impressed at the open house, by how well it was run, and by how good the house looked. Everyone’s questions were answered, and the environment was friendly and helpful.

Charlotte diligently and thoroughly assisted us in every aspect of preparing our house for sale. As an architect I am accustomed to dealing with design and construction, but Charlotte took the lead on the project.

With a fresh eye she determined what improvements would be most costeffective, and she recommended contractors to perform the work. The result was fabulous and we received many compliments on it.

The county realtors’ association voted the house #1 on the tour for the week.

As offers came in, Charlotte evaluated them and advised us. Though she was trying to get the maximum amount for us, she treated potential buyers fairly. She was open about what the process would be, and she respected everyone’s confidentiality.

In closing, I strongly recommend having Charlotte as your agent. She has the highest ethical and personal standards, and it was clear she always had our best interests at heart. She is extremely pleasant and professional to work with.

Please feel free to call if you would like to discuss this further.


Kim Steinjann


Wanganui 4574

New Zealand

May 10, 2016

Letter of Recommendation for Charlotte Van Orden

It is with pleasure that I recommend Charlotte Van Orden as a real estate agent.

In the last year I have closed three real estate transactions. The latest very successful sale was performed by Charlotte. This sale was of my unit located at 15 Highland Ave. Burlingame CA 94010. This sale was smooth and easy from start to finish.

I first approached Charlotte about a year ago after she closed a sale in my neighborhood. I left her a voice message which was quickly returned in which she introduced herself in a polite professional manner. She suggested that we meet and from that a great professional relationship began.

From the start it was obvious that Charlotte was intelligent and understood the real estate business intimately. She had investigated most of the real estate transactions in my area (and no dought on the Peninsula). This allowed her to set a realistic selling price, one that would result in a rapid sale while maximizing my gain.

Before the sale Charlotte suggested performing certain upgrades that would help with the sale while adding to the sale price beyond the upgrade price itself. These upgrades were of little inconvenience to me because Charlotte arranged and supervised it all. She knew the contractors, arranged work times that fitted around my schedule, explained the scope of the work to them, was present during the work and inspected the final job. This made the upgrades so easy to get done.

After the upgrades and cleaning, Charlotte’s close and friendly relationship with the “staging” company meant that again I didn’t have to review the company. I trusted her choice and as a result my house looked magnificent when staged and this was reflected in the rapid sale and at a price that I was extremely happy with.

Charlottes suggested Escrow company meant that closing proceeded quickly and uneventfully.

So to conclude I would like to recommend Charlotte Van Orden as a real estate agent. She will guide your transaction from start to finish while ensuring your interests are taken care of. Be prepared for some interesting and thought provoking conversations if you so wish. Thank you Charlotte.


John Battersby